The R&A - Working for Golf


The R&A strongly advocates for individual golf facilities and golf associations to be proactive in sustainability - fostering nature, conserving resources and supporting communities.  We also believe that it is important for commitments to be backed up by evidence of progress and results.

This is why we have contributed to the establishment of OnCourse® - a support programme for golf facilities, and a platform for industry associations.

We believe OnCourse® is important to the long-term strength and viability of the sport at all levels, and key to improving golf’s image and reputation.

OnCourse® for Golf Facilities

OnCourse® is an easy to use, online application that has been custom built to help golf course and club managers, committees and staff teams to integrate sustainability across operations – generating new business opportunities, and quickly establishing the facility as a leader in their local communities.

Using OnCourse® will enable you to:

  • Review and evaluate current performance against industry best practices
  • Gain new ideas and identify opportunities to enhance the course, save resources and money, and generate new publicity
  • Gather and track key data and trends
  • Create and promote your highlights for nature, resource and community
  • Gather all information needed to apply for the optional GEO Certified® label

GEO Foundation

OnCourse® and GEO Certified® are delivered and assured by GEO Foundation, the international non-profit dedicated to helping advance sustainability in and through golf, and The R&A’s delivery partner.

Collaborating widely across golf and externally, GEO also provides support and recognition for new golf course developments and tournaments, and is the only sports based member of the ISEAL Alliance.  Find out more at