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Rules Modernisation

The R&A has made a large amount of information available on our web-site and in our Rules of Golf App in relation to the Rules of Golf for 2019. Below, we provide guidance on the information you should focus on either as a golfer, a Committee member or a Referee. In addition, there is  information on additional materials that will become available in the coming months.

Resources – Available Now

Download the Rules of Golf App - iOS

Download the Rules of Golf App – Android

Search and browse the Rules of Golf on the Website

Or, get a copy of your Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf from your golf club.

Guide to the Rules of Golf Publications and Digital content

The Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf (book, website and app)

This is meant for you, the golfer. It contains the Rules situations that occur most commonly on the course and is an abridged version of the full Rules. Although its text is edited, it gives you the same answer that is in the full Rules of Golf and so it is a functioning Rule book. Every golfer should carry a printed copy of this book in their golf bag, or ensure that they have the Player’s Edition downloaded on their smart device.

Diagrams and videos are also included to help you learn and understand the Rules.

The Rules of Golf (book, website and app)

The full Rules of Golf is intended for those who administer the game, and who need to answer the large variety of questions that can arise in relation to golf competitions.

Again, diagrams and videos are included to help you learn and understand the Rules.

The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf (book, website and app)

The Official Guide is a reference book for those involved in the administration of the game at all levels. It contains the following sections:

Interpretations on the Rules

These are provided for aspects of the Rules that are considered to require additional clarification.

Committee Procedures 

Contains practical guidance for those involved in running day to day play at golf courses or running competitions at all levels of the game, and includes Model Local Rules that the Committee can adopt to meet local needs.

Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities (book, website and app)

The Modified Rules allow a player with a disability to play fairly with players who have no disabilities, the same disability or different types of disabilities. The Modified Rules only apply if adopted by the Committee in charge of a competition.

The Rules of Golf and Player’s Edition content are currently available on the R&A website and app in English and Spanish. The following languages will be available in the coming months:

Chinese, Danish, Dutch (Player’s Edition only), French Canadian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish

Visual Search on the R&A Website and App 

The purpose of the visual search is to help you, the golfer find the Rule relating to your situation within the Player’s Edition more easily. It is intended to cover the most frequent scenarios that you might find yourself in on the golf course and so it does not cover every eventuality.

Quiz on the R&A Website and App 

There are three levels of quiz, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  So, whatever your level, test yourself to check how much you know.  Each question comes with an explanation of the correct answer at the end so this will be a fun way to get to learn the changes to the Rules.

Resources - Coming soon

Top 10 Rules Essentials on the R&A Website and App

The top 10 Rules Essentials will allow every golfer to learn the essentials of the new Rules of Golf in a fun and user-friendly way before playing in 2019.  There will be 10 short videos to explain the most commonly used Rules. These will be made available one by one on social media starting in September, and will then be available in full on the web and app from November.

Rules Academy (R&A Website only)

The Rules Academy will be updated for the 2019 Rules of Golf. The “Academy” is aimed at all golfers and will use a combination of text, videos and diagrams to help you learn the most important aspects of the Rules.  You will also have the option to take an exam at the end to check that you are 2019-ready.  The Rules Academy is the on-line version of a Level 1 R&A Rules Seminar, which is the first step of the R&A’s three tier Rules Education programme.

This will be available from October 2018.

For further details of The R&A’s Rules Education programme, click here.

Committee Toolkit

The Committee Toolkit has been designed to help those responsible for preparing the golf course for general play and for those running and administering competitions at all levels.  The “Toolkit” aims to help Committees get to know the Committee Procedures section of the Official Guide, and to better understand the changes that they need to make in advance of 2019 to reflect the new Rules.

The toolkit also includes a ‘Local Rules Creator’.  The purpose of this is to helps Clubs and Committees with the process of updating Local Rules for 2019.  Of course, the amount of space available on scorecards is limited and with that in mind, short form Local Rules are also available.