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Golf Course 2030 - Priority Issues

GC2030 Great Britain & Ireland industry stakeholders have agreed on the following priority issues to be investigated over the next 3 years:

  • Making GC2030 relevant and compelling to key audiences such as decision makers at golf facilities and engaging with golfers.
  • Course condition and playability (measuring, benchmarking, setting standards, performance, consistency).
  • Resources, focusing on:
    1. alternatives to synthetic chemical plant protection products
    2. labour (recruitment, retention, education, the changing nature of the golf course workplace)
    3. sand/aggregate availability.
  • Water as a limited resource (too little in dry summers) and coping with too much in wet winters.
  • Coastal change and its impact on golf courses.

Action Plans for Great Britain & Ireland, to be undertaken by stakeholders, that will set out a clear pathway to provide solutions for the priority issues will be delivered in May 2019.  Solutions might include greater uptake of existing knowledge and best practice, research, education and behaviour change.