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Match Play

It is usually the players' responsibility to report the result of their match at a location designated by the Committee. If a referee has been assigned to the match, he or she may be assigned this duty instead of the players. If a player makes a request for a ruling during the match that has not been resolved, the Committee should determine if the request meets the requirements in Rule 20.1b(2) and make its ruling. This may result in the players needing to return to the course to continue the match. Once the result has been reported, it is considered final and no request for a ruling can be accepted unless it meets the requirements in Rule 20.1b(3).

Stroke Play

In stroke play, players should be given an opportunity to resolve any issues that need to be clarified with the Committee (see Rules 14.7b and 20.1c(4)), check their scorecards and have any mistakes corrected. If there is a mistake on the scorecard, a player may ask the marker or the Committee to make or ratify a change to his or her scorecard (see Rule 3.3b(2)) up to the time that it is returned. Once the scorecard has been returned, the Committee should check it to make sure that it has the player's name, handicap (if it is a net competition), the required signatures and correct hole-by-hole scores. The Committee should total the scores and apply the handicap in a net competition. In other forms of stroke play, such as Stableford or Par/Bogey, or in a Four-Ball competition, the Committee should determine the final result for the player or side. For example, in a Stableford competition, the Committee is responsible for determining the number of points that the player scores for each hole and in total for the round.
Section1The Role of the Committee
The Rules of Golf define the Committee as the person or group in charge of a competition or the course. The Committee is essential to the proper playing of the game. Committees have the responsibility of running the course on a day-to-day basis or for a specific competition and they should always act in ways that support the Rules of Golf. This part of the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf provides guidance to Committees in fulfilling this role. While many of the duties of a Committee are specific to running organized competitions, an important part of the Committee's duties relates to its responsibility for the course during general or every day play.
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