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Procedures for Bad Weather and Suspensions of Play
Procedures for Bad Weather and Suspensions of Play

Methods for Stopping and Resuming Play

Purpose. Rule 5.7b requires players to stop playing immediately if the Committee declares an immediate suspension of play. The Committee should use a distinct method of telling players about an immediate suspension. The following signals are generally used, and it is recommended that all Committees use these signals where possible: Immediate Stop: One prolonged note of the siren.
Normal Stop: Three consecutive notes of the siren.
Resume Play: Two short notes of siren.
Model Local Rule J-1 "A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by [insert signal to be used]. All other suspensions will be signalled by [insert signal to be used]. In either case, resumption of play will be signalled by [insert signal to be used]. See Rule 5.7b."

Removal of Temporary Water

Purpose. A Committee may adopt a policy that clarifies what actions are appropriate for a Committee member, someone designated by the Committee (for example, a member of the maintenance staff), or player, to remove temporary water on the putting green. Model Local Rule J-2 "If a player's ball lies on the putting green and there is interference by temporary water on the putting green, the player may:
  • Take free relief under Rule 16.1d; or
  • Have his or her line of play squeegeed.
Such squeegeeing should be done across the line of play and extend a reasonable distance beyond the hole (that is, at least one roller length) and only be carried out by [specify who may carry this out, for example the maintenance staff ]."
Section1The Role of the Committee
The Rules of Golf define the Committee as the person or group in charge of a competition or the course. The Committee is essential to the proper playing of the game. Committees have the responsibility of running the course on a day-to-day basis or for a specific competition and they should always act in ways that support the Rules of Golf. This part of the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf provides guidance to Committees in fulfilling this role. While many of the duties of a Committee are specific to running organized competitions, an important part of the Committee's duties relates to its responsibility for the course during general or every day play.
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