Rules Seminars

These seminars are tailored to provide basic instruction for those newer to the sport, as well as meeting the demands of more experienced referees  looking for tournament specific guidance. There are three levels:

Level 1 Rules Seminar

  • A focus on the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf. This one-day seminar is taught by experienced instructors from many national associations and federations.
  • It is also available online as the Rules Academy (link to)

Level 2 Rules Seminar

  • This consists of a two-and-a-half day seminar conducted by a national governing body. The seminar looks at the more important playing Rules in detail.

Level 3 Tournament Administrators and Referees Seminar (TARS)

  • This three-day seminar is conducted by The R&A. It is held annually, usually in February in St Andrews, and it is The R&As leading seminar. All R&A affiliates are invited to send a maximum of two delegates, with additional TARS courses held around the world to meet demand. The purpose is to give guidance and practical advice on running tournaments and refereeing, including sessions on course set-up, course marking, pace of play, suspension of play and starting and recording. 
At each stage of the Rules Education process, there is the opportunity to sit an appropriate exam.  Ideally, delegates should successfully complete each stage before progressing to the next level, attaining and building a comprehensive Rules knowledge. It is also vital that practical experience is obtained to become an effective exponent on the Rules, refereeing and running competitions.

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Download The App

The Official App for the 2019 Rules of Golf includes nearly 30 diagrams and how-to videos that help to explain the Rules and gives guidance for many common situations. Other features include:
  • Improved Search Functionality
  • A Visual Search – to help you quickly find the Rule you need
  • Rules of Golf Quiz
  • A Rules Essentials Section which includes animated videos of the Top 10 Rules
  • The App is now available in more than 10 languages
The Rules of Golf App will be updated with the 2023 Rules and various other developments in mid-December 2022.