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A golf handicap allows you to compete on a level playing field and enjoy a fair game, no matter your ability.
“The World Handicap System has been designed to encourage golfers to submit as many scores as possible and when they do so they will see their Handicap Index responding.”

The R&A

World Handicap System

A handicap is what makes golf unique to other sports. 
Your handicap determines your playing ability. The World Handicap System provides you with a numerical measure that allows you to compete against other golfers with different playing abilities, anywhere in the world. The lower your handicap, the better player you are.
Whether you play socially or competitively, you can maintain a handicap and enjoy the benefits of the system.

Helpful Guides

Your national federation’s website is the perfect place to start to learn all about the World Handicap System and its key features.  Our website also offers excellent education, under the Rules section, while our World Handicap System Video features also helpfully explain the basics of the system.

How do I get a handicap?

You can take your first steps towards getting a handicap by submitting your scores over 9 or 18 holes at a local golf club. 
Submitting scores regularly will give you an accurate handicap that reflects your playing ability. Many national associations now have smartphone apps so you can submit your scores and check your handicap record.

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