General Guidance Notes
Contracts The Rules do not restrict an amateur golfer from entering into a contract or agreement and receiving financial compensation from that contract or agreement while an amateur golfer. However, anyone entering into a contract or agreement should ensure that it does not impact on any other eligibility criteria applied by another organization or institution, such as a university or college. Before entering a contract relating to their golf activities, it is recommended that an amateur golfer consult with their national governing body and obtain appropriate guidance from an independent advisor on any contractual terms and conditions. Accepting Compensation for Use of Name, Image and Likeness An amateur golfer may accept payment or compensation, including expenses, for using or allowing the use of their name, image or likeness to promote or sell a product or service. While such actions are not contrary to the Rules, it may be contrary to the regulations of other organisations or institutions. For example, a player in receipt of a university or college scholarship should ensure that accepting payment of any kind does not conflict with their eligibility for such a scholarship. Student-athletes and prospective student-athletes are advised to consult their national governing body, their educational institution’s compliance office or the appropriate national educational body for guidance. Compensation Provided by an Event Sponsor or Organiser Cannot be Related to Performance in That Event While an amateur golfer may accept payment or compensation as part of a contract or agreement, or for using or allowing the use of their name, image, or likeness to promote or sell a product or service, a distinction between the acceptance of a prize and receiving compensation from a contract or sponsorship agreement must be maintained. If an amateur golfer receives payment or compensation from a competition organiser or event sponsor, either directly or indirectly, there must not be any link between the payment or compensation provided to the player and their performance in that competition. The acceptance of payment or compensation adjusted to factor in an amateur golfer’s performance in such an event is subject to the prize limits in Rule 3 (Prizes). (Added January 2023) Restrictions on Commercial Identification on Clothing or Equipment The Rules do not place any restrictions on the number or size of commercial logos that amateur golfers may have on their clothing or equipment. But organizers of competitions where the players competing are likely to be commercially sponsored may wish to place restrictions on the commercial identification allowed on clothing and equipment. For example, competition organizers could limit the size and location of commercial logos that are displayed on amateur golfers’ clothing or equipment (or caddies’ clothing or equipment) or they could stipulate that players and their caddies must not promote or advertise within certain categories of businesses. Gambling An amateur golfer may participate in gambling or wagering when playing golf, provided that the gambling or wagering does not lead to abuse of the Rules of Golf and/or the Rules of Handicapping. Forms of gambling or wagering that are considered acceptable are where:
  • The players generally know each other.
  • Participation in the gambling or wagering is not required.
  • All money won is contributed by the participants.
If the national governing body considers certain gambling or wagering to be detrimental to the integrity of the game, the national governing body may review the amateur status of the participants.