Women's Charter

Acushnet commits to Women's Charter

The R&A
08 Mar 21
3m read
  • Acushnet has signed the Women in Golf Charter.
  • The company of Titleist and FootJoy brands is committed to creating a more inclusive culture within golf.
  • They become the first global golf brand to sign the Women in Golf Charter.

Acushnet, the parent company of global golf brands Titleist and FootJoy, has demonstrated its commitment to creating a more inclusive culture within golf by becoming a signatory of The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter.

The Charter was launched by The R&A, in May 2018, to strengthen golf’s focus on gender balance, increase the participation of women, girls and families within the sport, and also ensure positive action is taken to create more opportunities for women to work within the industry. 

Acushnet’s Women in Golf pledges

The Acushnet pledges will consist of the following:  a)         Creating and promoting career opportunities in the golf industry, forming close links with those who share our commitment and highlighting the golf industry as a genuine, enjoyable, and fulfilling career path for women. b)         Taking action to support the retention and progression of women working within our business. c)         Developing innovative & collaborative marketing brand campaigns focused on a dedicated golfer audience, incorporating a broader lens to these campaigns that contribute to raising awareness, interest, and participation in women’s golf. d)         Embracing our pyramid of influence strategy to build collaborative partnerships with professional and amateur players, improve accessibility to our products and services whilst driving awareness of the women’s game. e)         Enhancing engagement with women golfers through a series of events to gain a greater understanding of their needs and identify and initiate positive changes that improve women golfers’ experience.  

Creating an inclusive culture

Upon signing the Women in Golf Charter Matthew Johnson, General Manager – UK Region, Acushnet Europe Ltd, said, “In signing The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter, we are extending our commitment to the women’s game.  “This will not only see us take further steps towards nurturing the careers of women within our organisation and creating opportunities within the wider golf industry, but also actively focusing on promoting women’s golf and making it easier for women to access and enjoy the sport.  “We look forward to working with The R&A and other signatories to achieve a more inclusive culture for everyone.”

A step forward for the Women in Golf Charter

As Acushnet becomes the first global golf brand to sign the Women in Golf Charter, Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive, The R&A, commented, “We are delighted that Acushnet has become a signatory of the Women in Golf Charter.  “We believe that the Women in Golf Charter can really galvanise the entire industry around a shared vision for golf and drive change.  “It is a big step forward to have a global brand such as Acushnet signed up to the Charter and committed to broadening the appeal of the sport for women and girls. We look forward to working with them on this initiative.”