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A Sport
For Everyone
Golf brings friends and family together and creates opportunities to meet new people and travel.

Ever thought about taking up golf? There are lots of ways you can get involved.

  • Start as a beginner and experience the thrill of that first shot flying through the air.
  • Join your local club and have fun playing your first nine holes with friends – and make new ones.
  • Boost your mental and physical health in your new green space.
  • Hold your nerve to celebrate breaking your handicap for the first time. 
  • Walk in the footsteps of the best by experiencing a famous championship venue.


There is lots of support available to help you enjoy golf.  Many local golf clubs and facilities have qualified and fully trained PGA professionals to assist you. Booking a lesson is easy and will help boost your confidence as you learn the basics and about the equipment.  They will offer advice on what clubs you need, how to grip a club and develop swing basics so you have the perfect start in golf.
“I absolutely love golf, I’m obsessed with it. Away from my job, my biggest love is golf.”

Niall Horan | R&A Ambassador

Music icon and Modest! Golf founder
The average age of golfers decreased by 5 years in Great Britain in 2020.
More women are playing golf now than ever before.
There are now over 66 million people playing golf worldwide.

How To Play

Golf can be played throughout your lifetime and it’s easy to get started. 
  • You only need a few clubs to begin with – you can even borrow some.
  • Join in with family and friends.
  • Lessons are offered at many golf facilities. You can borrow clubs, learn the basics and give it a go.
  • The local driving range is where you can practice hitting the ball. 
  • Progress to playing on a course near you, perhaps a short one to start with. Nine holes will only take around 90 minutes.
  • Buy some (even second-hand) clubs, bag and balls and you’re all set.
Two junior golfers take a selfie

Where To Play

Traditional golf is played on nine-hole and 18-hole golf courses which allows golfers of all abilities to enjoy playing with family and friends.
But, there are many forms of golf for you to experience, particularly if you’re new to the sport. Driving ranges, par-3 courses, pitch & putt, adventure golf, and indoor golf simulators are all great ways to enjoy playing golf as well. 
There are lots of courses available and there is likely one near you. A good idea is to visit your national golf federation website, which will help you find a course that suits you!

Give Golf a Go

There are so many reasons to give golf a go. It’s never too soon or too late to start. Join over 66 million people across the world by playing golf.
Find out where you can play by visiting your local driving range or golf club, or visit the website of your national golf federation.
Also check out our #FOREeveryone campaign dedicated to encouraging more women and girls into the sport.

Golf for All

We all have busy lives, and the great news is that golf can be a part of them. There are many shorter formats of the game that may suit you and your lifestyle better. And don't worry, you will still experience the many health benefits associated with golf.

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