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Young People
Golf For All
Boys and girls are the future of golf, the future of golf clubs and our future champions. We encourage young people to start golf at the grassroots level and see where they go!

Tiger Woods, one of the greatest ever golfers, started playing golf when he was only two years old... It’s never too early to start swinging a club.

Go and enjoy some group lessons with your friends at your local club – have fun, laugh and smile. Go and visit your local driving range with your mum or dad. Watch golf on TV and be inspired by the best male and female players in the world. Check out the work of the Golf Foundation (add link) who are dedicated to encouraging young people into golf.

Did you know?

Aged 10, English player Rosie Bee Kim was the youngest golfer in the field for the inaugural R&A Girls’ U16 Amateur Championship in 2018. 

Three years later she won the main title at Enville GC. Dream big!

Working With Schools

Golf Foundation

We fund the Golf Foundation in Great Britain and Ireland in support of its aim to inspire more boys and girls into golf.  Its activities, including Tri-Golf and Street Golf, aim to help young people start and stay in golf by making it a fun, inspiring, inclusive and enriching experience.

Journey To the Top

Major winner, Georgia Hall was very young when she was first introduced to the game. She is now hoping to inspire the next generation of young golfers. 

Hear more her below.

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