We recognise that golf should be open to everyone who wants to play, compete and excel in the sport regardless of their ability.

EDGA offers golfers with a disability the chance to play in competitions, train at a golf facility and undertake movement sessions in a rehabilitation centre. Learning opportunities are also available to coaches, therapists and trainers.

Case studies and research highlight the work achieved and ongoing as EDGA encourages players to enjoy the physical and health benefits and social aspects of the sport.

Support for disability golf

We support disability golf in a number of ways:
  • Together with the USGA, we administer the World Ranking for Golfers with Disability
  • Funding EDGA, an organisation promoting opportunities to play golf by disabled players at every level 
  • Funding organisations and initiatives, including the Henrik Stenson Foundation, the On Course Foundation, the World Deaf Golf Federation and various championships.

Did you know?

There is a full section of Modified Rules of Golf for golfers with disabilities. Our support of EDGA in 2020 contributed to producing the 'MULLIGAN' film. The 44-minute film tells the story of six wonderful people – Monique Kalkman, Marcus Malo, Adem Wahbi, Juan Postigo Arce, Stewart Harris and Mike Gays – who refuse to be defined by their disability

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