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Research and
The R&A facilitates and funds an international research programme over a three-year cycle.

Our international research programme focuses on key sustainability challenges including: climate action; turf management; waste and pollution; biodiversity; and greenkeeping education and skills.

Golf Course 2030 (GC2030) is our way of helping organisations to manage the impact of climate change, consider the use of resources and prepare for the effect future regulations could have on course conditioning. The purpose is to create evidence-based best practices and solutions to key threats – such as climate change and resource constraints – faced by golfing facilities and the playability of courses (eg pesticide, water scarcity). For more information on Golf Course 2030, contact The R&A at

Golf Course 2030

Thought leadership, practical publications and guidance are produced by The R&A to not only increase the adoption of sustainable golf practices, but offer solutions to climate change effects and ensure the best playing conditions for golfers. Through fact-based evidence as part of GC2030, we are contributing and promoting environmental excellence and world-class leadership in resource efficiency, conservation and social value of golf facilities. The outcomes from GC2030 should help course managers sustain, perhaps even improve, course conditions and playability.

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