Golfers With a Disability
Golf For All
Golf should be accessible by all – including those with disabilities.

We encourage all golfers to play the game, regardless of any disability they may have. 

There are many organisations for golfers with a disability throughout the world offering opportunities for disabled athletes to learn the game, to play and to compete.

The G4D Open

Many of the world’s most talented golfers with disabilities will compete in The G4D Open at Woburn from 15-17 May. Ireland's Brendan Lawlor edged out Kipp Popert in a close contest for an historic win in the inaugural championship last year.
The message that golf is open to all has to go out loud and clear.
“We have established The G4D Open to provide a world-class stage for the very best golfers with disabilities to compete against each other and realise their ambitions at an elite level.”
Martin SlumbersCEO of The R&A
disability golfer
“Tennis, for me, was all about being competitive. Golf is more of a mix of competition with huge social and health benefits. All national federations should encourage and help disabled golfers, as it is a great sport to help them physically and mentally.”

Monique Kalkman,

Four-time Paralympic champion


EDGA (formerly the European Disabled Golf Association) promotes golf for players with disability at every level and aims to encourage golf to be fully inclusive.  Golfers with disability have played in tournaments alongside Tour professionals, such as the EDGA Dubai Finale, and helped raise the profile of golf to new audiences of people with disability, who can also be encouraged to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of the game including social interaction.

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