Reinstatement to
Amateur Status
Each governing body has the sole authority to, reinstate to Amateur Status a professional golfer or person who has infringed the Rules of Amateur Status, prescribe a waiting period for reinstatement, or deny reinstatement. Each application is considered on its own merits with consideration normally given to the principles outlined in Rule 5.

Procedure for Reinstatement to Amateur Status

For residents of Great Britain and Ireland only, applicants must complete the online application for Reinstatement to Amateur Status. Download details of the procedure for Reinstatement of Amateur Status For residents of other countries, please contact your national golf association/federation directly. For applicants in Great Britain and Ireland, it is important to note:
  • Holding membership of an organisation for professional golfers (including assistant or trainee status of a PGA) results in loss of Amateur Status.   Before applying for reinstatement to Amateur Status, you must have resigned your membership before your application can be considered.
  • If you participated on a Tour or a mini-tour, you need to include any playing records or an approximation of the total number of events played when asked for details of your playing record.
Application Form Here.

The Amateur Championship

Today, the Amateur Championship is one of the biggest and most prestigious amateur events in the world, with players competing in a mixed stroke play and match play format over 6 days. The winner secures exemptions to The Open Championship and the US Open, and by tradition, an invitation to play in the Masters Tournament.