Two golfers out on the course
Golf For All
Golf is a sport for life and can be played from the age of four to 104.

In later life, golf is a great sport to enjoy with friends and to meet new ones – on the fairways and at the 19th hole!

It is also great for your health. Golf, as a physical activity, can help prevent and treat 40 major chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, breast and colon cancer.

Golf and Health

Further research has shown that golf can improve quality of life through muscle strengthening, improved balance, aerobic exercise – equivalent to gym-based work or yoga – and social interaction. Visit your local club and have some lessons or join a group session to get involved in golf!
man on driving range
“Our findings suggest that golf should be considered when prescribing exercise for older adults because it appears to be safe, feasible and an adherent form of exercise for a better, healthier quality of life.”

Professor George Salem

University of Southern California


Amateur Events

We hold both a Men's and Women's Senior Amateur Championship every year.

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