Golf Club and Other Equipment Submissions

In order for The R&A to render a formal ruling on a new model of golf club, a sample needs to be submitted for examination, accompanied by a fully completed Golf Club Submission Form and Payment Form. A copy of these two Forms can be downloaded from the Submissions Resources page.


The sample can come in any of the following forms:
  • Production sample
  • First Article sample (from a pre-Production run)
  • Prototype
  • Mock-up
  • Test Service

Submission Form

The Submission Form should include all necessary explanations regarding the intended method of use, the 'intent' of the design and any claims that may be made in the marketing of the club. If the club is designed to be adjustable, there should be a clear explanation as to how the adjustment mechanism works and a sample of the appropriate tool must also be submitted. 

Payment Form

There is a testing fee associated with all submissions of Production samples. Where applicable, submissions will not be processed until payment has been received.

Informal Submissions

In the absence of a sample, informal opinions can sometimes be given based on photographs, drawings or descriptions. However, this depends on the nature of the design. There is no charge for this service. Moreover, there is not normally a charge for the following:
  • Submissions of mock-ups
  • First Article and Prototype samples
  • Test Services

Test Option

Payment required?

Submission Description

Conformance Decision given

Informal opinion/ guidance given

Production model

YESProduction model samples are finished articles that would be an exact representation of the model produced for use or sale.YESNO

First Article sample

NOClassed as a pre-production sample, all properties would be finalised, and the sample would be representative of the proposed mass production sample.NOYES


NOA prototype is an early model of a product that focuses on functionality and gives a realistic representation of the final version.NOYES

Mock up

NOA mock up would usually be a drawing(s), high resolution images or non-functional model that showcases how the finished product will look. This may be accompanied by an explanation of the production process or finishes.NOYES

Test Service

NOManufacturers may request the exchange of testing data to allow comparison of measurements. A sample submitted for a Test Service may be returned to the manufacturer.NOYES

Player Test Service

NOSpecific clubs that have not been submitted for an evaluation or whose conformance status is indeterminate can be submitted for testing by players to ensure they conform to the Equipment Rules. These clubs are tested and returned to the owner.YESNO
Golf Club and Other Equipment Submissions


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