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The Rules of Handicapping
The Rules of Handicapping provide a consistent measure of a golfer's ability worldwide and help to enhance the enjoyment of the game for all who play, wherever they play.
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About the Rules of Handicapping
The Rules of Handicapping content is intended for those who administer the game and who need to answer the variety of questions that can arise in relation to handicapping. Some of the Rules contain discretionary items that will have been selected by your Authorised (National) Association. For details of the selections that apply in your country, contact your National Association.
Rule 1 covers the fundamentals of handicapping, including: The purpose of the World Handicap System Authorisation Responsibilities of key stake...
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Principle of the Rule:  The scores a player submits for handicap purposes are at the core of the calculation of their Handicap Index. Rule 2 cove...
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Principle of the Rule:  A score for handicap purposes should not be overly influenced by one or two bad hole scores that are not reflective of a ...
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Principle of the Rule:  Rule 4 covers the process for the submission of acceptable scores for handicap purposes, both to obtain an initial Handic...
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Principle of the Rule: A player’s Handicap Index should represent their demonstrated ability and, where appropriate, be responsive to scores that are ...
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Principle of the Rule: The Course Handicap calculation converts a Handicap Index to the number of strokes a player requires to play any golf course wi...
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Principle of the Rule: The Handicap Committee plays a vital role in the successful administration of a player’s Handicap Index and is equipped with to...
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